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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Feng Shui tips for Health

Do you get good nights sleep?

Sleep is vital to your health and it determines how well you function in your day. As the famous mattress ad goes, "tomorrow begins tonight." From a Feng Shui perspective, there could be various reasons for this.

Your bedroom, your sanctuary.

This is an area where you spend a lot of time, which you rest, sleep, play, dress and dream in. So make sure you have everything you need that induces rest. Are your pillows clean and comfortable, and what about the mattress? Is the room warm enough? Do you have your favorite sheets on and do you change them regularly? Are you turning your mattress over regularly? Do you have clutter under your bed? If you have bed draws under make sure you keep them tidy and if possible only keep sheets or towels in them.

Health factors

Are you also getting enough exercise? Have you got a balanced diet? Remember that the foods you consume also need to have not just a balance from a dietary perspective but also from a yin and yang balance. For example, microwave food is usually too much yang. Coffee keeps people awake. When did you have that last cup and was it too close to bedtime? These are factors you need to ask.

Feng Shui and sleep

Electronic items are not good to keep in your bedroom; they may give you sleepless nights. The television for example is something many people like having in their bedrooms, but what they don't seem to realise is that it produces too much yang energy which disturbs sleep patterns.

Yin energy is important in bedrooms as it encourages rest and relaxation. High also on the list are Hi-fi sets and even computers. So if you work from home and have a workstation in your bedroom, it is bound to affect your sleep. And to top it all computers and televisions also become a mirror when switched off and work as a reflector. A cure for these problems is keep them covered at night with a sheet.

Married couples could experience a strain in the marriage when the mirror reflects the bed and it could mean the marriage becoming "crowded." So in short it seem it is better to keep these gadgets out of the bedroom for good. Having said that though.

Your bedroom d├ęcor

Is your bedroom painted in a bright fierce colour? That in it represents yang energy. Rooms should preferably in soft pastel shades. Bed-sheets too should be in pastels unless you have been feeling sluggish lately, in which case red bed sheets should be just the right thing.


Make sure that your room is sufficiently lit and yet not overdone. Soft lampshades are fine but spotlights and harsh lighting do not help. On the whole it is not easy to get everything right but trying something new each time helps. So try getting just the right feel and you would know what works for you. Make sure you hang some crystals in the window.

Your bedroom should have a romantic feel to it, with soft colours and lighting. Hang some romantic or saucy pictures on the walls, or some loving couples statues on your bedside or dressing table. Always keep it clean and tidy.

Ps If you have an en-suite make sure you always keep the door closed and toilet seat down.


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